Our consultancy services aim to help companies succeed on their transformation journeys and shift to a higher gear. We understand that people are the driving force behind the success of any transformation. Hence, in all that we do, we work closely with our clients to ensure there is strong envisioning and buy-in from employees through strong leadership, transparent processes, and clear communication about change and its benefits.

KLCII's DNA for successful Innovation

Business Reimagination

  • Innovation Culturing
  • Business Growth Strategies
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Digital Transformation & Change Management

Supported by KLCII's Business Reimagination and Reinvention Workshop Series! (SSG Funded)

People Development

  • Employee Engagement
  • Strengths-Based Culture Development
  • Staff Learning & Development
  • Talent Development & Management
  • Job Redesign & Upskilling

Management & Operational Excellence

  • Quality Assurance
  • Instructional System Technology
  • Process Redesign and Optimisation
  • Capacity Optimisation & Management

Pre-Approved Consultant for Productivity Solutions Grant - Job Redesign

We are also one of the pre-approved consultancy partners for Job Redesign (JR). We offer JR service supported by the Productivity Solutions Grant, to help organisations design work that is better suited to current demands of the business environment, while ensuring the work is fulfilling for employees.

Job redesign may involve change for job roles, duties and responsibilities to address changes in customer, market trends, and business models, helping your organisation to remain agile and competitive!